What a difference a year makes

Written by admin on May 25th, 2011. Posted in Blog

How many computers do you have in your house? Two? Three? I only have two, but I have a lot of files to backup. Before we started BoundlessCloud, I used another major backup client. I liked them; sure I had a few problems, but I could look past those. What I couldn’t look past was the new way that company looks at business. Instead of the unlimited backup service I signed up for, they suddenly cut me down to 50 gigabits of room, unless I want to pay more (nope, no grandfather clause).

Now I only backup what I need to backup – not my entire computer. Currently, I backup 130 GB on my laptop and another 60 GB on my desktop. If I stayed with the other company, not only would I had to have had two accounts for my two computers, but now I would have to have 5 accounts for each 50 GB I break – and that size is ever growing!

Well, thankfully, BoundlessCloud is here with completely unlimited (Boundless!) backup to a safe and secure sever (Cloud!) off site. Not only do I backup my laptop, but of course the desktop is covered on the same plan, and when that brand new Mac Pro gets here (yes, I’m dreaming), that one will be covered too!

I enjoy doing what I do with BoundlessCloud because it gives me an opportunity to help others not suffer a data loss like so many of us already have done. Sure, we could be charging a fortune like the other companies and, like them, making tons of money, but that isn’t where our priorities lie. We are here to first and foremost help our friends and family keep safe what is most precious to them.


-Justin Singleton